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VPN - fast proxy + secure

One mobile app that will change your experience online once and for all.
Forget about restrictions, blocked websites and social networks, slow and unstable connections, annoying buffering... Enjoy private and anonymous browsing and be sure that you cannot be tracked! Sounds nice, doesn’t it?
Install the app and you will never want to come back to the times when you didn’t use it!

Reviews speak for themselves:
Simple and fast (October 18, 2022)
Great app, works fine, easy to use (September 13, 2022)
Thanks to the app now i can browser any website (July 1, 2022)
fast, easy, no ads - perfect! (June 8, 2022)
Very simple, turn it on and off, it chooses the country itself, no settings required (October 14, 2022)


VPN - unlimited, secure, fast

Ultimate and easy way to access all websites and services with just one touch.
Lots of free and servers all around the world for your security and anonymity online, full websites access, surprisingly fast streaming and gaming and so much more. And you can get it all in just one simple tap.
We created a very powerful tool which is incredibly easy to use. No muss, no fuss!

Reviews speak for themselves:
Simply the best in terms of speed and duration of ads (December 1, 2022)
Excellent design, everything works clearly and quickly. (November 28, 2022)
Of all the VPNs, this is one of the few that works well. Connects immediately and seamlessly (November 5, 2022)
Great, fast, easy. Very happy with it! (November 24, 2022)
Everything is very simple, clear and fast. I don't even believe it. (September 20 2022)


Pro Applock

Helps you protect your privacy in various apps of your choice.
Social networks, contacts, messages, calls, settings - select any app you want to protect, choose one of two types of blocking and make sure that your personal data will never be exposed to your friends, family members or intruders.
With this mobile app you and your apps are safe and sound anywhere anytime.

Reviews speak for themselves:
Finally an applock that works (August 25, 2022)
Easy to set up, no problems yet (August 1, 2022)
I'd highly recommend it. This is the second applock I tried and I never looked further! (September 21, 2022)
Works like a charm. It doesn't stop by itself or suddenly glitch. Definitely 5 stars. (October 26, 2022)
The app has been running smoothly, I love it. Superb! (November 28, 2020)